Alpha H has spent over 20 years researching the essential elements your skin requires for optimal health. Alpha H prides is proudly australian owned and made. They prides themselves on exhaustive research, in-depth understanding of the science of skin and the quality of active ingrediants used in their products.

Alpha H has formulated the most effective professional peels and cosmeceuticals.


Key ingredients: 30% glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and herbal extracts.

A powerful treatment which combines glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and botanicals to deliver a fresher, firmer, glowing skin. A progressive skin resurfacing treatment which dissolves dead skin cells whilst stimulating collagen production and cell repair.

Recommended skin types: Dry, oily and normal skin Treatment time: 45 minutes Cost: $90


Key ingredients: 20% salicylic acid, 10% mandelic acid and 10% lactic acid.

A full spectrum exfoliation and deep line peeling treatment that targets resistant skin conditions such as problem skin, post acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores and excess oil flow to promote a more uniform skin tone.

Recommended skin types: Normal and oily skin Treatment time: 45 minutes Cost: $100


This service includes a skin consultation where Nicole will analyze your skin and decide on the best Alpha H products to use for your specific skin concerns.

She will then tailor a specialised facial treatment perfect for you.

This facial includes:

  • Double Cleanse
  • Exfoliation that is suited to clients skin type, needs and concerns. This may include Pro X Gel Peel, Precision Peel, Enzyme Exfoliating Mask, Micro Cleanse Super Scrub or a combination.
  • LED light therapy session
  • Face, neck, shoulder and decolletage massage
  • Application of high performance rubber mask
  • Finish with application of speciality serum, eye cream and moisturiser.

Treatment time: 1 hour Cost: $130


  • LED Light Therapy is a painless, non-invasive method of light therapy to help minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles, general ageing, post laser treatment, problem skin and photo damage.
  • LED Light Therapy stimulates the skins natural repair and rejuvenation processes making it suitable for all skin types and effective in assisting a wide range of skin conditions.
  • LED Light Therapy can be used in combination with skin peels and Hydrafacial.
  • Light therapy can help solve the following skin concerns:
    • Inflammatory Acne
    • Congested acne
    • Rosacea
    • Superficial acne scars
    • Pigmentation
    • Fine lines & wrinkles
    • Skin rejuvenation

Allow 30 minutes

Single Treatment: $65
Course of 6: $360
Course of 10: $550
Mask add on: $35
Add on to Peel or HydraFacial: $35


HydraFacial uses advanced, patented vortex technology to deeply cleanse the skin and effectively deliver botanical ingredients and peptides to where they do the most good. In addition, HydraFacial also delivers powerful antioxidants to counteract damage by free radicals – from pollution, sun and stress – which can degrade the skin and accelerate the ageing process.

Suitable for all skin types!

HydraFacial is gentle enough for even sensitive skin yet effective enough to deliver powerful and positive changes in your skin. In addtion to improving skin tone, texture and overall skin health HydraFacial also addresses skincare needs such as:

  • Fine lines + Wrinkles
  • Even Tone + Vibrancy
  • Skin Texture
  • Brown Spots
  • Oily + Congested Skin
  • Enlarged Pores


Allow 45 minutes Cost $170