Hi Im Nicole and Urban Skin & Beauty is an adventure that has turned from my dream to my reality.

I have been working in the beauty industry for over 8 years and want Urban Skin and Beauty to be a fun and welcoming environment for everyone. My passions lie in skin health, body waxing and brow artistry for both men and women.

I believe there is nothing more empowering than truely feeling beautiful in your own skin, which i why i specialise in facial treatments that i know will achieve results. Helping my clients to achieve confidence without makeup is what is strive for. This is why i choose to use cruelty free, Australian made cosmeceutical skin products.

I started my beauty career in a waxing studio whilst living in Melbourne and 8 years on I still have the passion and flare it takes to be a quick, thorough and professional waxing therapist.

Urban Skin and Beauty is located within Style Society Newcastle, The Junction. Style Society Newcastle is a network of creative and supportive professionals specialising in hair, makeup artistry, cosmetic tattoing and cosmetic injectables.

I created Urban Skin and Beauty with my mission to be provide an open, warn and friendly space where each individual client has my 100% focus during their entire treatment. Where i can provide my client with professional treatments and knowledge on skin health.

Looking forward to seeing you at Urban Skin and Beauty

Nicole XO